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My name is Bella, and I am a Naturopath, Herbalist, and Nutritional Consultant  (in other words, Natural, or Holistic   Health practitioner). I have a M.S. degree in Biology and Chemistry, and extensive training in Naturopathy, Herbalogy and Iridology and am certified by the International Iridology Practitioner's Association.

I am not a medical doctor, but lots of people call me “Dr. Bella”. It’s because I
  have helped them to get and stay healthy after medical doctors gave up on them (or they gave up on medical
  doctors, whatever came first). It turned to be that their problems had roots in improper nutrition and lifestyle.

As a popular saying goes: "You are what you eat!" Even if it's not completely true (not all we eat we digest,
  and not all of it we assimilate), we still have to watch what we put or don't put in our mouths.

 I strongly believe that most of our health problems originate from nutritional deficiencies or nutritional (and
  other) excesses (you know what I am talking about!) and other voluntary and involuntary abuses of our bodies
  and minds.

 Unfortunately we are so creative in inventing and inviting those abuses:

·        our environment is far from being ideal;

·        pollutants are far from being under control;

·        we are too often too mean to each other and to Mother Nature;

·        we eat too much of junk food (or just too much, period), and

         too little of food with real nutritional value;

·        stress takes over our lives;

·        vital nutrients in our soil and food supplies are being depleted by excessive processing, and

          replaced by toxic residues or toxic additives (like artificial flavors, colorings, preservatives, hormones, you name it),

·        etc., etc., etc…

 Pretty grim picture, isn’t it?

      Poor us! What can we do to survive this nightmare?

    Mutate? – It looks like it's a little too late for us (and a little too long to wait for favorable results in our


 – Apply common sense:

·        exercise some restraint and discipline, and

·        supplement what is missing in our food with natural products including herbs, vitamins and minerals? –

This sounds like a better idea (and closer to home, too.) So, let’s go for it!

       As a matter of fact, living creatures for millions of years successfully used plants for regaining and
  maintaining their health.

 My experience (both personal and with thousands of my patients) shows strong evidence that natural
  remedies really work and in many cases provide better, safer and faster results than conventional medications
  and treatments (and all this practically without side effects).

Sorry, no “double-blind” studies (I don’t practice human sacrifices by giving my patients “placebos”) –  just
  applying my knowledge of Biology, Biochemistry and Historical Uses of Herbs, and constantly learning from
  other natural health practitioners’ as well as my own experience.



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