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                       IRIDOLOGY SEMINAR

In This Seminar: The entire body will be covered through the use of slides. Specific anatomies, as they relate to the iris, will be identified and discussed. Proper nutritional supplementation and traditional herbal remedies will be discussed at length while iris slides are being analyzed. Following each area of analysis, time will be allowed for the participants to exchange iris analysis. Iris Analysis provides a comprehensive method of understanding the body’s underlying constitutional patterns that predispose one to certain health concerns. This will allow you to work with root causes of disease and develop proper remedial/preventive approaches to health management.
The iris of the eye can be used to identify specific areas of nutritional deficiency when present. Appropriate remedies can then be considered. Iridology looks first at causes, and it is a method that works hand in hand with natural habits of living which build health and eradicate disease.
INSTRUCTORBella Vladimirsky, MS, ND, CCN, CNC
When:           Sunday, May 31, 2015, 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Where:       McAllen Creative Incubator (Old McAllen Library)

                        601 N. Main St. McAllen, TX 78505

Cost:                     $75.00 with pre-registration
                              $80.00 at the door
Additional materials will be on sale: books, charts, cards, magnifiers, etc.
For reservations call: Advanced Holistic Health Services
at (956) 631-3772 or (956) 631-3187
Seats are limited!


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